Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Pursuit - You Are Here.

It is nearing midnight and I am willing to do anything else... but studying.  I have studied for months now - on my days off, on rare evenings when I was home alone.  I haven't done anything but studying in the past few weeks.  I am willing to put up with sleepless nights and excessive amounts of coffee that make my stomach turn and absolute lack of any social life and even my state of complete exhaustion because I am PURSUING my education.

We all have things in life that we want to accomplish or see happen.  We all have at least one area in our lives where we look at it and realize that we're not quite where we want to be.   We want to be over there (with a degree, married, with a better job, in a different town, with a bigger ministry, with more children, with respect from others, on a vacation, playing a guitar, sewing... what not?)... but we are here - in our life the way it is.  Here is where our dreams have not happened yet.  Here is where we are frustrated with the way things are.  Here is where we are discontent.

But here is also where we have a choice to make.  A friend of mine shared this quote with me the other day Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”  Here does not have to be a place of perpetual desperation.  Here can become a place where you can look ahead, mark your trail - and set off towards a new adventure and PURSUE your dream!!!
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