Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mexico Adventures (Day 2)

Adventure #3
(morning view - cup of coffee in hand, still in PJ's - nowhere to rush)
(afternoon view - speaks for itself - still nowhere to rush)

Adventure #4

Time to kick off shoes

go look for sea shells

and play in the sand

Adventure #5
One of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.

Mexico Adventures (Day 1)

Adventure #1


Of course we brought coffee with us but we felt like exploring. So we're off to scavenge the land for a good coffee shop.

There is no Starbucks in Puerto Penasco but smart locals have come up with a substitute coffee shop called Santana's Coffee (check out their logo). The logo looks just like Starbucks from far away and draws the tourists in.

Our choice of the day however was a small place called Max's - located away from the busy tourist area.

Max's Cafe boasts free Wi-Fi and a full espresso bar.

(Milky Way Latte - yummy goodness of espresso, caramel, chocolate and milk)

(We ended up having lunch @ Max's and here's the photo of my Nachos Supreme
- doesn't look too exciting but it was oh so yummy)

Adventure #2

So... we like ice-cream... a lot... And how can you experience the culture without trying what you like?

(aren't these ice-cream bars so super cute??? - they were yummy too)

... to be continued ...

Thursday, December 10, 2009 search of all things beautiful...

One of my facebook friends once had a profile status: [name] is in search of all things beautiful.

What is beautiful to you? Where do you see beauty?

In a majestic tapestry of fall colors? In steady breath of a sleeping child? In a hand of your wife firmly planted in yours as you pray over your meal? In undefeated strength of the Alps? In the hand of Michelangelo?

I saw beauty this week.

On Monday Metro Ministries with the generous financial support of Kraupner Pharmacy hosted our annual event called "Night of 100 Stars". The event is organized by a man who used to be a transvestite prostitute and drug addict. After Christ set him free from this lifestyle, his heart was broken for people just like him who are “looking for love in all the wrong places” and wouldn’t come to Christ because most churches are afraid to reach out to them. So he decided to create a night that shows these women God’s true love in a way they never have experienced before. The ladies are picked up from local drug rehabs and shelters and treated to a grand day out. It starts with a makeover. They have their hair and nails done, and receive a gown that they get to keep after the event. Then they are escorted into a banquet in their honor and are announced by name as honored guests as they enter. After dinner the gospel message is presented with a powerful drama. Many women come to the altar and allow Jesus to set them free.

They were so beautiful. I wish I could post many pictures but I am choosing not to (to protect the ladies' privacy). Even more than having you look at the pictures - I wish you could have been there. I wish you could have seen all that inner beauty and strength burst out from under the layers of toughness and the toil that the substance abuse would take on your life. There was joy in their eyes now. I would look at them and couldn't help but say "You look fabulous" and their teary-eyed response made me see how it was so worth it.

At the banquet I sat at one of the tables with the ladies. It was a blessing to see all 5 of them respond to the altar call. My prayer today is that they will be able to stand strong through the testing of their decision to follow Christ and come to church on Sunday and get rooted in the Word of God.
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