Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hard C.O.R.E. Training (oh my the interns are here)

(by Helen)

So the interns are here and all this week our Department of Education and Training together with all divisional leaders (I am one of them) had put together a training for them to help them see what we are all about (kind of like a crash course into Sidewalk Sunday School).

They're a good bunch of people and I am excited about this semester.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Workers Training (Spring 2009)

(by Helen)

"All Sidewalk staff born and raised in New York City keep standing"... the room was quiet. Nobody remained standing but the person on the stage who said those words...

I am a Divisional Leader of Sidewalk Sunday School. I am from Belarus. Among 16 teams that go out every day to minister in NYC ghettos only one (!) person was born and raised in the city.

Our vision is to see leaders, teachers, and pastors raised up from the streets of the city worldwide. Then they, in turn, will minister to the next generation.

Today all Sidewalk staff brought all their Sidewalk workers and workers in training to the church for a day of intense training. It was a blessing to see all these people who for different reasons want to serve in Sunday School. And I was excited to be part of the team who helped the leadership to put it together.

Hope you enjoy some pictures from the training:

And here we are singing God Is A Good God (Sidewalk #1 hit)... sorry for the low quality (I forgot to change the setting on my camera...

All through the day the workers got to sit and learn about different areas of being a worker: from learning what's expected from them to how properly set up the truck to the importance of their personal relationship with God. I believe if we spend more time investing in and motivating our workers to grow in God, things will change and we shall indeed see leaders, teachers, and pastors raise up among them.

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