Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Looks Like I Am A New Yorker Now

Hi everybody. I haven't updated in quite some time and for now don't expect frequent updates because I do not have easy access to a computer. But I hope to get one soon and updates will be more frequent.

Well anyway, I am back in NY. I have been here for about a month now. I did summer camps in August which are always a blast. I will post more about camp and some pictures soon.

(Editor's note: a Sidewalk Sunday School division is basically a Sidewalk Sunday School team that consists of a truck, 3-5 staf members, and 3-4 interns).

We are now getting ready to start Sidewalk Sunday school which will begin in two weeks. I will be in Division 16. That is the division in Lower Manhattan which includes a couple of sites in China Town. It truly is a unique division. Some of our flyers are even printed in both Chinese and English. The divisional leader for this division left last semester so we have a new divisional leader to this division. Her name is Simone and she has been at Metro for five years and has been a divisional leader in the Bronx for most of that time. But they only want her in Div 16 for 1 semester in which time I will be a divisional leader in training with the intention of turning the divisional leader position over to me in the spring. I am really excited about the new challenges and opportunities this will bring so please be praying for me as I embark on new adventures.

Serving HIM alone Bryan
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