Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Pursuit - Locating Your Destination

"Nothing quite as heartbreaking 
as realizing you've wasted your time"

Before you can get anywhere in life, you must find out where it is that you're going. At any given moment in your life you have thousands of invisible ropes tugging at you, pulling you in all different directions:  your parents want you to have a career in business, your grandparents think you should pursue your artsy gifts, your best friend wishes you had more time and more money, your significant other has expectations in the relationship that you may not even be aware of... you're reading statuses and looking at the pictures... and watching TV, and reading self-improvement books, and trying to lose weight, and trying to be happy, and trying to find time, and trying to get a raise, and trying to be happy while making everyone else around happy as well... and trying not to kill yourself in the process... and somewhere... in the midst of it all... in this massive chaos of everything... your dreams lay.

You have to find them.  Sifting carefully through your preconceived ideas and expectations.  Digging through the learned behaviors.  Examining every page of your heart, every little corner.  To find the real you.

It is so easy for us to try to become what others expect us to be.  We want people around us to be happy.  

But be careful, my friend.

Do not pick up the shattered pieces of your parents' desires.  Do not cut your hands on the hurts of your friends.  Do not attempt thinking that you could piece those together.  You can't live everyone's life.

But you can live yours.  Fully.  

See, pursuing the unprofitable will never yield you a good reward.  You need to be certain of your destination.  You need to know that whatever you're doing right now is the best thing that you could be doing with this time.  Don't settle for anything less.

What if you could indeed make one wish for your future and see it come to pass?  What would your one wish be?  I dare say your one wish is probably something you should pursue.

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