Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Bitter Truth

I am faced with the truth...
... and I don't like how it sounds.
The sound of unwelcomed truth in unprepared mind is bitter.
Can sound be bitter?  I feel it can.
Do you want to know how it sounds?
"You have no one but yourself to blame!"
The past, the hurt, the family, the expectations...
... the pressure, the stress, the ministry...
... the loss...
...the unexpected, the unannounced...
left bitter scarring in my soul.
I have stories to swap and reasons to share.
But swapping stories and pity parties never help.
They just hide the truth... the bitter truth.
And the truth is...
He is the Healer - so if I am hurting still - I have not followed His directions
if my wounds are still bleeding - I must quit scratching the old wounds
He has all I need - so if I feel empty - I've tried the wrong cisterns
I know it's not easy
I know it hurts
I know it keeps coming back at you
I live it too
I still do
I am hurting too
But the truth is...
"It'll never change - unless you change it!"
So will you walk with me?
out of the darkness?
out of the hopelessness?
out of the despair?
out of the past?
out of what others did to you?
and out of what you have done to others?
Will you run with me?
Run to our Healer?

1 comment:

Deanna said...

This my friend is beautiful. You really need to read Ann Voskamps new book. I have it and can send it to NY for you to read. It is life altering in a good way.

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