Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I am realizing that I put out only 4 new posts this entire year.  Blogging was one of the things that I aspired to find more time for this year - but 4 posts (5 including this one) = epic fail in my book.

Have I not had anything to say?  Have I become too busy to pause and ponder and write down the things that make my heart sing, cry, hope?

Every December we're faced with many broken resolutions.  12 months is long enough to screw up pretty much any resolution you might have set before your eyes in the beginning of the year.  As I am looking back, I am realizing I have failed at every single one of them but one.  And that was stolen from the amazing Lindsay Nixon's mantra - "Progress - not perfection!"

If there was one lesson that stood out stronger to me than ever before... it would be "We all may fall short of the lofty goals we have set before ourselves. But halfway to the finish line is still way better than staying at the start point."

As you examine your year, as you prepare yourself for a new start in 2015, celebrate your victories no matter how small, and be encouraged - you're still better for trying.
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