Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Advent Fail... or Not?

This is not at all the way I had imagined Advent would go this year.  I have been looking forward to Advent for a month now.  I have purchased the chocolate calendars, I have printed the family advent devotionals, I purchased Christmas books.  I have long wanted to make Advent a meaningful time for my entire family.
Yet today, instead of chocolates and Christmas books, I have 2 sick kiddos with strep, running high fever, having accidents for the first time in a long time, being miserable and very very clingy.  As the peaceful morning I had longed for turned into a hurried string of doctor appointments, blood tests, and pharmacy runs, I was defeated, thrown right back into the grime of daily living, far from the peace that was promised to me by every carol on my Pandora station.

Have you been there before?  Have you ever mapped out this perfect plan only to have it completely reshaped by reality?  Have your hands ever just dropped to your side in utter helplessness towards what was coming your way?

Could it be that this is exactly what Advent is about?  That in my despair, in my exhaustion, in my helplessness... I await my Savior?  That God sent me His Son right in the midst of my grime?  Maybe... just maybe... the season of Advent is not only about the traditions, and books, and devotions... maybe it is also about the hope for my weary soul...
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