Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Summit VI

Just to throw it out there for all those involved in orphan care, adoption advocacy, etc. If you have not yet made plans to attend this event - prayerfully consider if you should.

To go to the Summit's web-page click here.

Invitation to Summit VI from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Risk in Dreaming

Why is pursuing one's dreams always involves risk? Why can't my dreams be a natural progression of the course my life has already taken? Why do I have to give up, let go, change, move, start?

I am standing at the bridge with a torch in my hand. I know once I cross, there's no turning back. I am afraid for I do not know what exactly awaits me on the other side. My feet feel as if they were filled with lead. The first step so difficult, so unimaginable.

If I take that step - I am making a proclamation that what is here, on this side, is simply not enough for me. If I take that step - I leave all others behind in the comfort of their complacency. If I take that step - I shall be forced to walk alone.

What if I don't? What if I stay? I shall lose nothing by staying... or shall I?

I am standing at the bridge with a torch in my hand. I must decide.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thoughts on Freedom

Do not be fooled. God will not set you free on your terms. He will not do it your way. He will not accept your conditions. He knows what is holding you captive and He is mighty enough to set you free. But you have to accept His way and His terms and His conditions. You have to surrender and accept the sovereignty and the greatness of God. Who do you think you are to dictate to God the way He needs to work in your life? God owes you nothing. He owes you nothing. He is under no obligation to give you anything. You already had complete freedom when you have come to Christ and you have turned away from it. Your insecurities, your unhappiness, your uncertainty, your pain, your nightmares, your loneliness, your fears, your hurt – all came because you believed the words of the Lucifer rather than the words of GOD. And now you’re running to others to wipe out your insecurities, to fill your loneliness, to calm your fears… they cannot and therefore will not help you. When you look into your heart deep enough – you do not want to be free. You are comfortable in your miserable existence. You love your excuses. God will not give you partial freedom. He will not take you out of prison to put you on a house arrest. He wants you to be free. Free from your insignificance. Free to serve Him and worship Him and live for Him daily. Free to love Him without restraint and fear. Only this way you will bring glory to His name – which is what you have been created for. As long as you are stubborn, as long as you are hidden, as long as you give God only partial access to your heart – nothing will happen. In His grace you will have temporary relief from your turmoil – but you will keep returning to your place of pain as the dog returns to its vomit.

You need to repent. Who are you to judge what is good for you? There’s only One who is good and He knows your needs. Run to Him. You need forgiveness for you tried to put yourself and your ideas of life on the throne that rightfully belongs to the Lord. He will not have it. Return to the fear of God. What you’re doing is dangerous. You’re playing with fire. For one day the Lord may look upon you and say, “OK then, have it your way” and your life will crumble. Seek His face while He is still to be found. Turn to Him before it’s too late. Beg Him to unveil His wonderful plan for your life – that no eye has seen, no ear has heard. Let Him be the Master and the Maker. Give Him the freedom to allow things into your life and to ban things out of your life. Do not dare take the reins back from Him.

James 4:7 “Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” The devil will never flee from you – unless you resist him. And you can’t resist him successfully without the power of God. And you will not have the power of God unless you submit to Him. Therefore submit to God. No questions asked. No hidden agenda. Submit. That’s when freedom will come.
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