Monday, April 27, 2009

M&M's dance

(by Helen)

This week past we had an M&M's Madness week in our Sidewalk Sunday School.

Enjoy the M&M's dance!!

(starring Emily as Red & Danielle as Yellow)

Cardboard testimonies

Bumped into this through a friend's blog... so powerful... reposting
Watch it here.

Princess Tea Party 2009

- Do you really think I'm royalty?
(Meg Ryan as Anastasia in "Anastasia")
(by Helen)
This year I had an incredible opportunity to bring 18 girls from the areas we minister to Princess Tea Party - a special event sponsored by Women of Excellence Foundation. The girls loved getting dressed in pretty outfits, learning the princess wave, meeting Disney princesses, eating food, and taking pictures. They had an amazing time. I was trying to think of words to explain how much it meant to them - but I thought I'd rather let the girls speak for themselves (see video)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Helen's Big Sidewalk Birthday Bash

(by Helen)

This week I have celebrated my birthday with my Sunday School kids. Bryan & I baked hundreds of cupcakes and twisted dozens of animal balloons. Kids brought their self-made birthday cards (they were not allowed to buy one). It's amazing how creative they were. Please enjoy some photos from that day.
(our lesson was on how giving into offense can rob them of the power of God working in their lives)

(kids enjoyed animal balloons)

(Deanna made a very pretty birthday card with a pop-up of my name)

(more animal balloons)

(with some of my faithful girls)

It was a wonderful week with 225 kids showing up for "Helen's Birthday Bash" on my site on Friday. I am looking forward to next week.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Preschool Still Rocks!!!

(by Helen)
Today I was reminded once again why I choose to do what I do. We were teaching the Easter Lesson today. During one of the sessions in our Preschool Class I noticed a little girl who was sitting all the way up the bleacher. I don't think she moved once throughout the entire lesson, her eyes focused on the stage. As the session was over and kids were on their way out, I walked over to her and told her that she did really good and I really wish I could see her the following week. She said that she would love to come but she lives in Pennsylvania so she probably would not be able to any more. That made me think once again how often we only get one shot, one chance to make Jesus known...
Hope you enjoy some pictures from today

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