Sunday, October 30, 2011


Lately... we have been quite busy.  A lot of preparations are in order for our little baby girl to come next month.  And that is on top of all the work and ministry responsibilities we already have.  Because of that I am realizing that we have not been super faithful updating this blog on a regular basis... sorry.  Here's a quick snapshot into our lives in the past 2 months.

Of course our main news revolves around me carrying our child.  I have been so grateful to God for the easy pregnancy that allows me to still be actively involved in our Sidewalk Sunday School ministry.  With only a few weeks to go we are getting anxious to meet our little wonder (prayers for easy delivery are always appreciated).
In the beginning of October we traveled to Oregon to be part of our brother's wedding.  It was exciting for me to meet a lot of Bryan's family members whom I hadn't met before.  As I look back at those few days - I am blown away by God's faithfulness and His provision for us (just 2 short weeks before we had no finances to travel - but by the time we had to go - everything was lined up and taken care of)... 

Some of my newly-met family-friends were so kind as to throw us a little family baby shower where we got a lot of beautiful things.

And of course the official Dr. Seuss themed baby shower was thrown last month in the honor of our little girl.  We are grateful for the friends that made it a point to come (even though it ended up happening at a quite inconvenient time for many of our friends).  

Bryan & I with our Canadian intern Rachel
(after we showed her our ministry area for
the first time)
 And of course I can't forget to let you know of all the great things that are happening with our Sidewalk Sunday School ministry. This semester (because of my pregnancy) we have been blessed with a help of an intern from Canada.  She has been helping us on visitation and with Sunday School and she will take over once I have the baby until Christmas.  It is a blessing to know that our Sunday School kids will be taken care of.

The Sunday School itself has been doing great!  Our site's attendance has been quite high (332 people attended this past Friday).  We are excited to have an opportunity to share about God with all these people.

Memory verse from this past week's lesson

all kids were excited to be blessed with a pumpkin and a bag of chocolate
 Another praise report for us would be that my mom got her US visa and she will be traveling to visit us in December.  I really hoped she would come but didn't want to put my hopes up too much.  A week before her interview I posted on facebook a request to pray for favor for her.  As many friends prayed, God has given me peace about her interview and I knew in my heart that whatever the outcome would be - it would be the will of God manifested.  I was excited to know that she did get her visa. 

Prayer Requests:
* for easy delivery of our daughter
* for my mom's salvation
* for easy transition for our intern Rachel from a follower to a leader in our Sunday School site
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