Sunday, April 22, 2012

A New Woman Is Born

A new woman is born today.
She is strong.  She is determined.
Inspirational.  Powerful.

She knows her strengths and her talents.
She is aware of her shortcomings and weaknesses.
Yet she is not afraid to face them.

She is not afraid to look her age.
For her age is her experience.
Her witness to the life she had lived.

Her wrinkles and gray hair are a reminder of years well lived.
Of smiles and of tears.  Of laughter and of sorrow.
Each year leaving a trace on her body.

Her scars and stretch marks are a reminder of the joy of  motherhood.
Every hug and every "I love you"
Are forever ingrained in her body.

She will refuse the shame and fears of her past to have the victory.
She will move on. One day at a time.
A new woman is born today.

- Helen -
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