Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Been A While

So I guess its been a while since I posted anything so here's an update on the life of Bryan.

I have a new position at Metro Ministries. I am now a Sidewalk Sunday School Divisional leader. This means that I am responsible for one of our 17 Sidewalk Sunday School teams. This includes lesson planning, supervision of staff and interns, and supervision of Sidewalk Sunday School sites. It has been a big step for me but I know if I keep God in first place everything will be all right. SO I am still in Division 16 which is our China Town/ Lower east side Division. But we have a lot of new faces this semester. Our divisional Leader from last semester is now on the leadership team and is only with us one day a week. I also have another part time staff member with us from Taiwan who also works in our Won By One department and one full time staff member who is new to our team. To help out our staff we also have 3 interns 2 from Germany and one from Washington State. SO we are looking forward to a great semester. And in case you were wondering I didn't perish in the snow storm we had in NYC a couple months ago but I did have a close encounter of the tree kind when I was sledding in Central Park. I hope to post some snow pics soon.

Until next time
Serving enthusiastically
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