Sunday, January 16, 2011

One Thousand Gifts - #78-91

... being back here always feels strange.  Things are changing here and every time I come some things are different.  New routes for buses, new stores, new buildings, new "fashion".  And yet some things never change.

I miss my dear husband... greatly.  And I also miss insignificant things like Starbucks and... Charmin ;)  I both laughed and cried the first time I went to the public restroom in Minsk and there was no toilet paper provided.  I didn't remember that here you have to carry your own everywhere you go.  And did I mention that the one they do use is super hard (think 'gentle sandpaper')?  So I had to go and get an imported kind from Poland.

Yet there're so many things I missed and I am grateful to have them back even if for a season.

- my mom's cooking
- kitchen talks with my wonderful childhood friend
- great hot tea made with pre-brewed tea starter
- subway trains that you never have to wait for any longer than 3-4 minutes
- windows that open easily and face the outside (not another apartment)
- well-dressed and well-groomed men and women everywhere
- school life (as tiring as it is)
- late night chats with grandma
- cheap cell phone rates
- a school record that only has 9s and 10s so far (10 being the highest mark in Belarus)
- rich dark bread
- salted herring
- great-tasting pickles
- spotless squeaky clean streets

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