Saturday, March 19, 2005

John Adams Houses

I went on visitation for the first time today. What a different culture these kids live in. John Adams Houses are six 21 story buildings siting on less then 10 acres, housing over 2,300 people. While there I saw a stairwell with soot all over it from a fire two weeks ago, a boy trying to get his dog out side to pee (He didn't make it), another girl had a cockroach on her shoulder that I brushed off for her, and of course lots of kids that need to here the gospel.

Pray for John Adams Houses. That God will move amongst the people. That I will have divine ideas on how to visit all these buildings plus smaller houses outside the projects in just under three hours. That we will find a knew place to do Sunday school. Currently we plan to have it directly on a sidewalk, but we only have room for maybe 100 kids. We need to get permission to use one of two nearby basketball courts in order to have room for the 200-300 kids I know God can bring. That God will give me wisdom and safety as I visit.

Serving Him no matter what it costs, Bryan

P.S. In case you were wondering about the dog: Yes, he peed in the stairwell. No his boy did not clean it up.

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