Sunday, March 20, 2005

Bus Adventures

Today I rode the buses for Saturday Sunday School. The contrast between the two buses I rode was amazing. In the morning I rode with a volunteer co-captain who only had about twenty-five kids on her bus. The bus I rode on the third session was much different. We were in East New York, which is one of the neighborhoods that has historically had difficult children. We had 68 kids on the bus. Carlos was the bus captain and our driver. I was the only other adult on the bus so it was basically me and a couple of well meaning but poorly qualified teenage volunteers trying to control the bus. Unfortunately the teenagers caused more problems than they solved. But everyone made it home safe and I survived, maybe it will be better next week. I am assigned to teach in the classroom known as Big Class 2. This class is used as an overflow for the 7 to 12 year old class. This week, however, we did not have enough kids to use the overflow so I hung out in Big Class 1, which is the main class where Pastor Bill leads he's here. This week they talked about not getting discouraged. It was a good lesson, and seemed to get the kids' attention.

Well thats all for now.
Not getting discouraged, not quiting

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