Wednesday, March 16, 2005

South Bronx Here I Come

We found out yesterday what Sidewalk Sunday School divisions we will be in. I will be in division number nine, in the South Bronx. We only have three staff members (Tamara, Jenn, Al) and two interns (ME and Sabine) which makes us the least populated division. But Leo (the director of Sidewalk Sunday school) said I count for three people. So being that our group is small I will have my own site. So pray for my as I take this bold adventure. The south Bronx is a lot different than Chandler, AZ. Also I may be taking another adventure in the next couple of weeks, driving in New York City. Honestly I am probably more nervous about driving than I am visiting projects by myself. But I am looking forward to both opportunities to expand my experiences. Given God All I Got Bryan

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