Sunday, May 8, 2005

Wow, What A Week

We had an extra busy week here at Metro Ministries.

On Tuesday we went to Paterson Houses. If you remember this is where we got a ticket last week from the Parks Department police. Well, since we couldn't take the truck into the park we decided to have Sunday School on the sidewalk. A priest from the Catholic church across the street didn't want us there. He told our divisional leader that it was his sidewalk and that we had to leave. We told him we wouldn't leave, so he called the police. So the NYPD came and totally backed us up. They told the priest that they didn't understand why he was so upset. They said that it was just a different way to share the gospel. They even offered to hold a parking spot for us in future weeks.

It was Mother's Day week here as well. This is among the busiest weeks of the year. On monday there was a Mother-Daughter banquet for the ladies that come to church. I was able to help out with the food.

On Thursday morning they had a staff ladies breakfast. Since the ladies were having a breakfast the guys had a bring your own breakfast meeting, in order to take advantage of the guest speaker, Helen Trowbridge. It was fun. Considering the ratio of women to men in Sidewalk Sunday school is about two to one, it was a very different atmosphere without the ladies.

On Thursday evening we had Mom's Night Out. This is an opportunity to invite women who have never been to church to a dinner at the church. There were about three hundred ladies there. But with 300 ladies comes about 400 children. So I helped out in the preschool area. We had over seventy 3-6 year-olds in one room. But it was fun, crazy, but fun.

My site on Friday finally came back up after a week of rain and spring break. We had about 230 between the two sites. God is so good. I am going to post more pics this week so be looking.

Pressing on toward the goal,

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