Monday, May 2, 2005

Half Way Mark

It is hard to believe, but I am half way through my internship at Metro. We are having a special breakfast on Wednesday to commemorate this event. So this week was not short of surprises as usual.

On Tuesday we were asked by a parks representative to leave a basketball court we were planing on having sidewalk Sunday School on. She asked to see our permit and said, "Can't you see right here it says 'No vehicles'" So we packed the truck up. While we were packing up, a couple of girls were yelling at her saying things like "You get out of here" "Where's your permit." Part of me was like "Go girls Go" but the responsible adult part of me told them to stop, and that they were being disrespectful. So we parked away from the basketball court in a sort of drive way. The park police came and gave us a ticket. They said 500 feet from the park is still the park. Frustrating. So, we have to find a new location on Tuesdays, or do Sidewalk without the truck.

Anyway, on Friday we had a guest speaker at our weekly staff meeting. His name is Ray Bevin, and he is from Wales. He also used to be in a rock band. Kind of funny. He sang "Have I told You Lately that I Love You." Not only did he sing great but he was also very funny.

We also had a guest speaker for the kids on Saturday. His name is Kurt Zastrow. He is a very skilled ventriloquist. He had the kids laughing and laughing. It was great.

Well I'm ready for another great week.

Going Strong In Him,

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