Thursday, May 19, 2005

Yes, I Am Still Alive

Hi everybody I know I have not updated for a week and a half and I promised you pictures so here is my remedy for both problems.

Things are going great here in NY. Nothing unusually spectacular happened this week so I will get a chance to update you on the regularly spectacular things I have been doing.

I have gotten a chance to lead worship a few times here. I have led in the Bronx youth service on Sunday for the past three weeks, and I led the Intern praise and worship session on Tuesday. My guitar skills are not up to the point where I can lead with my Guitar but I am doing pretty well with guitar accompaniment. On the same lines I was able to sing on stage in the middweek service at metro. This is the single largest service at metro because Saturday and Sunday services are split. But the two guys that usually sing on Wednesday were gone unexpectedly last week so the two girls that lead asked if I would join them about five minutes before praise and worship. I had sang on that stage in a group of eight or more but it was quite differant with only three of us and me being thw only guy. But it was Great.

John Adams is going great. We had over 230 between my two sites last week. I also signed up 5 kids for our Won by One child sponsorship program. you can read more about the program at .

ANd now the moment we have all been waiting for; my pictures.

This is me on the bus on saturday. This is the CRAZY BUS

These are our bus workers; Porcia, Takira, and Kadeem.

On of our kids eagerly getting of the bus for Sunday School.

I have crossing guard duty for one of the saturday Sunday School sessions.

It is my job to keep the we ones safe.

We went to Madison Square Garden for the Circus.

Here we are clowning around.

This is me with Niasia, my mom's Won-by-One Sponsored Child.

These are the only chicks that will pay me any attention.

And finnally a few pictures I took when Jeremiah and I took Sierra, Sarah, and Michele to TheLion King at Gammage Auditorium before I left Az.

I will post more pictures in the next couple of weeks. I have a scrapbook project that is required so I have taken and collected close to 100 pictures. I will never post all of them but i will post the best and most of you will porbably see the scrap book when I am back in Az.

Goodnight for now.


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