Monday, April 25, 2005

Interesting Week

Well it was a different week at Metro Ministries. One of Pastor Bill girls died. She had AIDS since she was born and was 14 when she died. We were all invited to attend the funeral, so I went. It is times like this that remind me why we do what we do. Sunday School is not just fun and games. It is life and death. Pastor Bill flew in Friday morning for the funeral and flew back out that afternoon. It was not the first funeral he has had to do for a child but you could tell it still affects him.

Friday was rainy so we did not have as many people as we did last week, but we still has 155 people. That is pretty good for a rain day.

Saturday we had a good bus ride. The kids were quiter than I have seen them this year.

Well I am ready for another fun filled week.

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