Sunday, March 13, 2005

Lambs In Leadership

This weekend the Metro staff and interns went through the semi annual Staff retreat.

This semester's theme was "Lambs in Leadership". The theme is derived from Luke 10 when Jesus sends ot the seventy and tells them they will be as "lambs among wolves".

The general idea is that although we are called to be leaders we are still lambs. It is important to balance the two.

One thing God showed me through this retreat was that it's not about me. I don't need notoriety or fame because I'm not doing it for me. Every time I get on that stage or give a kid a hug it is only by the grace of God and it is Him that the kids are glad to see. Nothing I have is good enough, but through God's strength ordinary people can do extraodinary things. Even Paul when he was at the end of his ministry said he had not obtained the prize. If the man who evangelized two continents in a time when the fastest transportation was a donkey and wrote most of the New Testament, didn't feel that he had accomplished everything God had for him: Then I have just barley scratched the service.

One thing Pastor Bill Wilson said this weekend (paraphrase) was if you are satisfied with what you are doing you might as well pack up and go back to wherever you came from because you have become ineffective as a minister. We must always be pressing on toward the prize and we must understand that the prize will not be revealed in our life. In other words, it's like a timed race when you don't know how well the other racers have done or will do when it's your turn. So you have to give it all you got until the end. If we can do that then we are doing what God wants.

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