Monday, September 5, 2011

Down with Pity

How easy it is to whine!  To feel sorry for myself... feeling as if everyone in the whole world has got a better deal... just because one someone has...

How easy it is to throw yourself a pity party!  Filled with 'if only's and 'but's and wishful thinking...

Do you ever get caught up in that?

Sometimes I do.

And when I do... somehow... I am even more miserable than I was a second ago...

In talking to some of my young ladies I often feel like they use their past choices and things that have been done to them as an excuse.  They often feel like they are not in control of what's happening to them and that there's no way out of the mess they had created.  It is easy for me to look straight into their situation and say, "Ok, here's what happened.  It's bad, very bad.  Now, what will you do about it?  Your 2 choices are to feel sorry for yourself and do nothing or to start from here and change your life for the better."  Easy for me to say ;)

So when I catch myself being unsatisfied, discontent, downcast and discouraged I have to tell myself those same words, "Now, what will you do about it?"

I start off with counting my blessings: *the train that arrived just as I set my foot on the platform, *the word of encouragement from a fellow co-laborer, *little skype convos where I get to give my input and feel like it was needed and helpful, *the yummy food that my friends made for me this week just because (I got 2 of my favorite meals this week cooked for me plus this brownie sundae cheesecake beauty on the left), *my hubby's amazing creativity and problem solving skills, *the little kicks and flutters inside of me, *a good night's sleep... just to name a few.

And then I put my hand to the proverbial plow... and try to do something (anything) to make this situation better.  And even if I fail at what I try to accomplish - I've done away with pity... and then I try again.

Because I know that with Him all things are possible... because I know that with Him on my side nothing shall harm me... because I know that He will never leave me... and that I'll never fall so hard that I won't be able to get up... I try again.

"Father, all things are possible for You"
Mark 14:36

I do not know what you're facing today... but I know that you can try again.


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