Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Joys of Decision Making

One of the toughest things to do as a family is to make a decision.  From the very beginning of their existence every family is bombarded with many many decisions they have to make.

Some of those decisions are easy to make.  Others - not so easy at all.  The worst among that difficult kind would be the infamous "life-changing" or "life-altering" decisions... the ones that send you packing... the ones that change your habits... the ones that make you build or break relationships... the ones that go against everyone's wishes... and possibly even against your own culture.

With expecting our first child in just a few months hubby & I are forced into making many decisions that will soon be changing the course of our life and ministry as we know it.  This season is not the easiest for the two of us.

Maybe you are finding yourself in the season of change and decision making too.  Then you know exactly how I feel.  Wanting God to just magically send me down all the correct answers, wishing it were just a bit easier.

In our decision-making struggle I believe I have learned why God leaves us searching for the answers.  I realized that the very pain and struggle of decision making are given to us to help us mature.  

As we are sitting... talking... praying... discussing... thinking...waiting... hoping... during our decision making, we are forced to evaluate our lives, to ask some hard questions, to agree on what is truly important.

Decision making:
- helps you refocus and prioritize
- weeds out those things out of your life that are no longer important to you and your family
- moves you to seek God and His direction (if you're a Christian)
- helps you get to know your family and what's important to them
- teaches you to trust (God, yourself, family)

If you're finding yourself being forced to make a big decision - don't wish you could skip the process - for in that process is where true growth happens.


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