Monday, July 4, 2011

My Blessings Are Easy To Count Today

My blessings are easy to count today.  As I sit in my bed this morning and type this post, I am excited about the new (to me) dessert recipe I get to try out today for the Independence Day celebration.  I know my fridge is stoked with yummy things that in a few hours will be transformed into a great food for a great get-together with some great people. I went to church yesterday without fear for my life and I had a great time.  I hung out with my friends in a group outside without fear of being arrested.  I am a blessed woman indeed.

Not everyone can say that today.  And if there was one thing I could pass on to all the wonderful people who live in the United States - "Don't Ever Take Your Freedom For Granted!!"  Be thankful for the opportunities and freedoms given to you that others may not be able to enjoy.

If you allow me to share one little video with you today - here's how Independence Day celebration went down in Belarus yesterday (the country currently celebrates their Independence Day on July 3rd).

And that is why I am ever so grateful for things so often taken for granted:
* being outside with my family and friends with no fear
* speaking my mind with no fear
* knowing that in the USA people are presumed innocent until proven guilty
* my church
* freedom of religion
* uncensored Internet access
* honest day's wages to buy things I need
* abundance of choices


Amy Sullivan said...

Clicked over from Ann's. Love the name of your blog. It's so true isn't it? We should be the change.

Have a great 4th.

Anonymous said...

So easy to take for granted, yet it's crucial that we don't. Such an important reminder.

Xen said...

It is true that we sometimes take all these things for granted, and we shouldn't. Nice post :)

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