Thursday, June 16, 2011

Project: Food Budget (Week 5)

It is week 5 of me participating in the Project: Food Budget Challenge... or week 2 if you consider the fact that I have not posted for like a month ;)
... but hey - I am back and hopefully I'll be able to be more faithful over the summer...

This week presented an interesting challenge for me.  I have ventured out to the Russian area of NYC called Brighton Beach.  It is not very close to where I live which is why I do not go there often.  But I seemed to remember that fruit and vegetables were much cheaper there than in my local grocery store. 

I was quite disappointed :(

We did manage to stick to our budget (mainly because we still had all the basic staples from the previous weeks) but we definitely failed to save money on our grocery bill.

Fun Find: buckwheat ;)
Have you ever used buckwheat in your cooking?  Buckwheat made into a porridge or a side dish is very common in the former Soviet Union.  It is rich in proteins and minerals and is a great tasting healthy food.  I slowly introduced my husband to it and he loves it now.  His favorite way of eating buckwheat is in the morning topped with fried eggs.  He finds this breakfast very filling and it lasts him for a long time.  I prefer buckwheat as a side dish to some meat.  You boil buckwheat like you would any grain but the secret is making sure you spice it up.  You may want to flavor it with a bouillon cube, maybe some Mrs. Dash.  I normally use Vegeta or Kucharek but these are not always easy to find in regular American grocery stores but a bouillon cube would do the trick as well.  You should try it out :)


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Deanna said...

Hmmm...I think I need to try good buckwheat - I have only had camp version.

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