Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Quick Update From the Philippines

Seems like I am in the updating mood these days.  I am going through the old stories posted here when I was reaching out for your help and prayers and letting you know what's happening with the people I mentioned.

Today I would like to remind you of a beautiful girl from the Philippines named Blessie (you can read her story here).

Blessie is doing better now.  Her condition is slowly improving.  She is receiving medical treatment (medicated eye patch) and is going through therapy.  Because of the therapy her vision is getting a little better and her whole body seems to be getting a bit healthier.  The doctors are hoping the progress continues.

Thank you for continually praying with us for her complete healing and faith for her family to continue trusting in the finished work of Jesus, that by His blood and by His stripes Blessie is completely healed.

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Judith T. said...

Hi Helen
I will go to the Philippines in april and stay there until august. But I will be on another island, so I dont think that I can visit Metro in Manila :-(
I will be there at the YWAM, it will be a part of my study.
I am curious about the time and the experiences I will have.

But I will still look to your blog and read whats going on in your live. I still think about the time in NY and all the people. Do you know, that Ken is engaged?
Time is running *g*

Greetings from Germany

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