Monday, October 18, 2010

Making Home A Haven: Sorting Through Messes

I walk through the door and I am oh so tired.  It is after 9.30pm and it's been a long day...

My life runs like that: meetings, ministry, work, serving, studying, school, friends... non-stop.  The first thing to suffer or be left out in that whirlwind of activities and things to do is... our home.  As I walked through my small one-bedroom apartment today I noticed lots of messes, spaces filled with clutter that I refused to notice this week.

But the little messes here and there is not what I want to talk about today.  I will focus on where the big mess is - my bedroom.  The biggest danger that a busy wife faces is keeping common areas clean and inviting while allowing your own bedroom to overgrow with clutter.

If we want our homes to be a place of peaceful harmony - we need to make it our priority to create that atmosphere.  

My challenge to you today is to walk through your bedroom doors and ask yourself whether your bedroom is a haven.  Is your bedroom a place where you both can unwind after a long and tiring day?  A place where you can hold each other and talk about how your day went?  Share your dreams?  Be passionate with each other?  A place where everything is pleasant to your eye? and your smell?

If it isn't - maybe it's time for you to de-clutter your bedroom.  When I do not have much time - I often just throw everything that's out of place into a clean garbage bag.  When I have a bit more time I go back to the garbage bag and sort through the items.

Don't allow your bedroom to become the messiest place in the house.  Make it a haven for you and your husband.

But isn't that interesting how my life is like my apartment.  I keep the common areas nice and clean.  Whenever you stop by my heart - what you see looks nice and inviting.  And then as I open up His Word I am confronted with the bedroom of my heart - a private chamber, filled with the clutter of disappointment, and hurt, and discouragement, and pain, and discontent, and jealousy, and fear.  Those things you do not see. But I do.  This is a mess and so I set my priorities on de-cluttering my heart.  Sorting through my emotions, checking it against the Word.  Two piles: THROW and KEEP.

Will you dare sort through your messes today?


Sharon Cohen said...

I rejoice because I am perfecting the art of keeping the bedroom clutter free. If I don't make the bed when I get up, my husband will when he does. I then take the time to make sure that all table tops, chair seats and catch-alls are clear of clutter before I begin my day. (I'm not so good with the other rooms.) The laundry is stored out of sight and nothing is left on the floor. We carry nothing into our bedroom that is paper unless it is a tissue or a napkin. All that paper stuff can clutter the computer room.

I am still working to make my Home a Haven, too. You can find me at #14 - While' He's Away. The link stands out because it has those silly characters in the middle of the title where I only typed an apostrophe!

Deanna Riccardelli said...

Great minds think alike.
Before I even read this I cleaned out my bedroom. Went through the closets and drawers. Then I went to Goodwill to drop it all off. Phew. What a great feeling.

G. HUBBARD said...

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