Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Prayer Calendar

I must confess...

1) I often struggle with my prayer life

2) I am slightly OCD (just very slightly)

The result:
Behold the Prayer Calendar ;)
Mine is basic and easy.  Every day of the month I will be praying for my husband using The Power of a Praying Wife (by Stormie Omaritan) as a guide.  And then I am adding a different prayer target each day of the week.

Every Sunday I will be praying for our church.
odd weeks - praying for actual church services
even weeks - praying for outreaches

Monday: praying for myself.
Week 1 - spiritual growth
Week 2 - physical health
Week 3 - wisdom
Week 4 - ministry

Tuesday: praying for my family in Belarus

Wednesday: praying for Metro Ministries
Week 1 - church, pastors
Week 2 - Pastor Bill Wilson
Week 3 - Sidewalk Sunday School
Week 4 - Indoor Sunday School & bus ministry
Week 5 - donors & finances
If you're interested in praying for the ministry we're involved in - you can find more areas of ministry and detailed prayer requests here.

Thursday: praying for Bryan's family

Friday: praying for our community
odd weeks - for our neighbors
even weeks - for NYC

Saturday: praying for adoption
We're not in the process yet but this is definitely something we will do in the future.  I will be praying that God will place the right child in our path, that we will have wisdom to find the right agency, for financial provision of adoption expenses, for smooth transition of our future adopted child, for their protection, etc.  Another prayer request that will be made on Saturdays is for Christians to open their eyes to the suffering of kids going through multiple foster homes and group homes - and for them to start opening up their homes and their hearts to those children.

This is just my basic outline.  I am still learning to discipline myself more in my prayer life.  Teri Lynne at Pleasing to You has a more detailed outline of what you can put on your prayer calendar here.

I will be sharing another little tool that I will be using to help me pray some time next week.

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