Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eating Better While Eating Out

My team went out to IHOP recently.  As you know IHOP is not necessarily the healthiest place to eat.  Even their omelets pack on as much as 900-1000 calories without any sides.  I was terrified.  Somehow admitting that you're trying to eat healthier felt very humiliating and "party-pooping-like".  So instead I studied the menu online in advance - sorted through their healthier options and found a few things that I knew I could enjoy. I had a great meal and a great time with my team.

Tip 1: Do Your Homework.
       - Go online and research the calories and other nutritional info for the restaurant you're planning to attend.
       - Excluding the foods that you definitely do not like - write down on a piece of paper (or type in your phone) all the options that you would enjoy eating.
       - Try to decide on what you want but keep other options in mind just in case.

Tip 2: Know Ahead Of Time What You Will Order
You have already decided what you want - so open the menu on the page where the item is and look like you're picking it from the menu with the words like, "I think I'm going to have                            ". This way it looks absolutely natural and does not cause any awkward feelings with people who are more lenient in their choices.

Tip 3: Close The Menu
If you keep flipping through it - you will have to deal with temptation (especially if you have not developed the taste for healthy eating yet).

Tip 4: Enjoy Your Meal
Talk. Savor. Pause. Chew well.

Tip 5: Say NO to a Dessert.
Or if you absolutely must have something sweet - suggest to split it with someone and only take one or two bites.  This way you get the sweet taste in your mouth without over-indulging... and it's better for your wallet.

How about you?  Are you're striving for a healthier lifestyle? Do you have any tricks that you employ while eating out with friends?

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