Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mexico Adventures (Day 1)

Adventure #1


Of course we brought coffee with us but we felt like exploring. So we're off to scavenge the land for a good coffee shop.

There is no Starbucks in Puerto Penasco but smart locals have come up with a substitute coffee shop called Santana's Coffee (check out their logo). The logo looks just like Starbucks from far away and draws the tourists in.

Our choice of the day however was a small place called Max's - located away from the busy tourist area.

Max's Cafe boasts free Wi-Fi and a full espresso bar.

(Milky Way Latte - yummy goodness of espresso, caramel, chocolate and milk)

(We ended up having lunch @ Max's and here's the photo of my Nachos Supreme
- doesn't look too exciting but it was oh so yummy)

Adventure #2

So... we like ice-cream... a lot... And how can you experience the culture without trying what you like?

(aren't these ice-cream bars so super cute??? - they were yummy too)

... to be continued ...

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