Monday, June 29, 2009

Close enough to Jesus

(by Helen)

This past Saturday Bryan & I were at Celebrate America held annually at Eisenhower Park in Long Island. Part of the program was the world class fireworks show. I've never considered myself big fan of fireworks. They were pretty all right but hardly so wonderful as to bother being stuck in a crowd fighting for a decent view of a few colorful splashes. So I never really cared much about fireworks.

This Saturday I changed my mind. Bryan & I were sitting on top of a small hill only a few yards away from the fireworks, the entire show unveiling right in front of our eyes. I was mesmerized by beautiful colors of the fireworks staged perfectly to the music. I discovered that I love watching fireworks!!!

As I traveled home I thought how that could apply to my life with God. I know that miracles and wonders will follow those who believe. I know that our God is great in splendor and majestic in glory... and yet... I don't always see that... I get distracted... stressed... disappointed... and consequently lose joy and love for God, people around me and what I do in ministry...

... could it be that I am not close enough???

See, I fell in love with fireworks when I got close enough to see them in all their beauty. I've learned this weekend that if I only get close enough to the heart of God all the petty things will cease to matter and my eyes will be fastened on Him in all His glory.

"...let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us..." Psalm 90:17

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