Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sister Queens Outing (Divisions 8+11 take on the City)

So... Bronwyn (Divisional Leader of Division 8, the only other Sidewalk Sunday School in Queens) & I have met together and decided that our wonderful interns and new staff needed some sort of initiation ceremony into the Sidewalk family, as well as simply time to bond as a team and get to know each other...
(the great minds)

... The result?? - A progressive-backwards-one-thing-only-dinner (how about that?)

(Divisions 8 + 11 ready to take on the city)

We started off with a dessert at Coldstone Creamery that serves ONLY ice-cream... ... and then moved on to the main course at S'Mac - a little place that serves ONLY mac-n-cheese
Our next stop that was meant to be a hummus ONLY place for an appetizer got cancelled because of heavy rain :(

Here is however a fun clip from that night for your entertainment


Vashti said...

hey girl.....whats amazing is that i have worked for metro for nearly 10 years and the only person that i know in your pics is you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man i miss new york, who has my old site now that you dont? they better be doing a good job!!!!!!!!!!!

keep posting new photos to keep me up to date......some of peeps i know would be great!
are you loving married life?

lots of lovexxxxxxxxxxxx

runtherace said...

lol still loving to get updates from metro - staff & kids- ... be blessed&have fun & stay safe!

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