Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Semester

The new Fall 2008 Semester is in full swing. This weekend is marking the end of the first week of Sidewalk Sunday School.

Our team had to say good-bye to Christfried who is now the leader of his own Sidewalk Sunday School team in the Bronx. I am very grateful for the 2 years that I got to work with him.

So our new team was Tania & me ... Praise the Lord for the interns who come from all over the world for 4 months to learn to do inner-city ministry and the principles of bus ministry and Sidewalk Sunday School. Below is the picture of our new Fall 2008 ministry team (minus me since I'm taking the picture):

(left to right): Tania from France (staff), Damon from USA, Ken from Germany, Janelle from Canada (new staff), Judith from Germany, Sara from Switzerland

We had our challenges going into this semester. There've been a lot of shoot-outs in Far Rockaway and almost every area where we do Sidewalk Sunday School is covered by police neighborhood watch stations.Though necessary to prevent further crime they're also preventing children fromn coming outside. However we had a great week with 611 people in attendance.

Tania & Ken after playing a game on site.

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