Monday, April 11, 2005

Something's Fishy

Yesterday I did something I had never done before. I swallowed a live goldfish. I was in the preschool sunday school and they were playing a game which involved grabbing goldfish with your hand and putting them in a jar. They decided that here should be a volunteer from each side to swallow their teams goldfish if their team lost. Unfortunately I was volunteered and my team lost. But, he didn't grab any goldfish, so they only made me eat one. Down the hatch. Someone said they got a good picture of it. I will post it as soon as he uploads his pictures. That will probably be tomorrow. SO other then my free seafood dinner I had a good week. I had about the same number of kids at my sidewalk site as I had last week, 165. It went really well. On Saturday I had a little lesson on submitting to authority. The staff member who is in charge of one of the buses I ride on Saturday was out of town. This wouldn't have been too much of a problem except that he didn't line up a replacement driver. So at the time we were supposed to go get our kids we didn't have anyone to drive the bus. So the director of transportation said since arrangements weren't properly made we wouldn't be able to pick up the route. This means that 60 kids waiting to be picked up would not get a ride to Sunday School. This really bothered me. But his concern was that he didn't want interns on a route if they couldn't control the kids and didn't know the route. Also, he doesn't have also of direct contact with interns so he has to assume that we all know nothing because he doesn't know us. He then came and talked to me and explained that one time they sent out an intern and they ended up in New Jersey. So he asked me if I thought I could handle the route. I explained that there were actually two interns on the bus and that we had directions for the route. He then asked again if we could handle the route, and I told him yes. He allowed us to take the route with another staff member driving. Because of this we left almost 40 minutes late, so we were told to pick up as many kids as we could and head back to the church at 4:00pm. We managed to pick up 45 kids and get back to the church kind of on time. We were the second to the last bus to come in. So this taught me patience and submission. I half considered jumping in a bus and driving the route myself, but of course that would have been criminal so I had to accept what the person in authority decided even if I didn't necessarily agree with it. That is not easy. I also realized how long somethings take to happen in a large busy organization. We told the transportation department at noon that we didn't have a bus driver, at 2:45pm we were supposed to leave, and at 3:25 it was finally resolved. Anyway it was a good learning experience.

Doing My Best to please HIM,

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