Sunday, April 17, 2005

Mills Lane Ain't Got Nothing On Me

(Mills Lane is a boxing referee)

Had a fight outside my bus yesterday. Two 11-12 year old girls were arguing about something, so I wouldn't let them on the bus. Then one of their brothers bothered the other girl so she slapped him. Then his sister jumped on her and it took three of us to break it up and to pry her fingers from the other girls hair. Then on the bus their little brothers started fighting, to protect their sisters' honor or something like that. This kind of behavior boggles me. But when talking to the parents its no wonder why they think fighting is the only way to solve problems. Our bus captain told one of the moms about what had happened. She told her daughter that it was "all right" and they would go to her school and she could beat her up. We try to do the best we can for these kids but when they have God's truth for 1 or 2 hours a week and garbage the rest of the time it's difficult to see the truth.

But I had a good morning today. I helped in preschool kids church. On Sunday kids can only come to church if their parents come, so there are not the huge numbers of kids like we see on Saturday. We had about 10 four, five, and six year olds. I spent most of the time buddied up with Marcus. This kid is energy with legs. It was difficult to get him to do anything unless you were patient and talked to him directly. So he sat with me through the whole class. But he did very well during praise and worship. Except he broke a maraca because he was tapping them together. And he did start making up his own words to "Hear I am to Worship," But over all he did well.

Having a blast with the Lord

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