Saturday, April 16, 2005

260 WOW

We had so many kids at my site today. We had over 190 kids at John Adams houses and about 30 kids at Cauldwell houses. Plus a total of 40 parents at both sites, for a grand total of 260. God is so good. Each week we try to have a theme to attract more kids. This week was super hero week. We encouraged the kids to dress up like super heros and raffled off The Incredibles DVD. I believe that this was a huge draw. But it was really hard to control nearly 200 hundred kids on a sidewalk. I know its called Sidewalk Sunday School, but in reality it is usually held in a park or school basketball court. So please pray for favor for a new location. There is a park nearby and a school that will work, but we need permision for both. Anyway I am getting tired and it is time for bed. I just was so excited about what God is doing at John Adams that I just had to share it with you all.

Excited that the Lord is my Light

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