Friday, November 2, 2012

Love In The Midst Of The Storm

Sometimes I wonder why I continue to minister to the needy and broken.  I wonder if I am making a difference  I wonder if bringing a truck and a piece of candy to a kid who is living in a tough situation is really making a difference.  Yesterday I realized that it did.  In fact I didn't need a truck, or a fancy story, or toys, or games, or candy... all I had was an eleven month old baby in a pink polka dotted snow suit. 

Yet playing with that baby brought joy to children who have been living in darkness (literally!) for four days.  

Our Sidewalk Sunday school site is between the Atlantic Ocean and Jamaica Bay, the entire peninsula is only a few blocks wide..  Due to the storm surge of Hurricane Sandy much of this peninsula was flooded, leaving residents without power, water, or heat.  Hundreds of people were lined up outside in the cold waiting for food, water, and other supplies from the Red Cross.  When it came, it came in armored vehicles. 

But as I was standing there watching people get their supplies I was reminded why kids were happier to see us than the army trucks, why they were happier to see a little girl in a pink snow suit than bottles of water.  There is one reason - LOVE.  I realized that LOVE is what resonates with kids when we come every week.  God's love is what we are really giving them.  And that it a reason to keep ministering to the hurt, the needy, the lost, and the forgotten in this world.  Because God's love is the only thing that will really make a difference in their lives.

all cars that were left parked in Far Rockaway are damaged beyond repair -
many were washed over by the ocean and wind from their parking spots

many areas are completely covered in sand - this picture is taken in a playground
that is right next to where we do Sidewalk Sunday School every Friday

Please continue praying for the residents in Far Rockaway and many other areas that are still without water, gas, heat, or electricity.  If you can do anything to help - I urge you to get involved. The need is so great that every little bit counts.

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