Monday, May 30, 2011

When Everything Is Uncertain

They say that the only thing that is certain in life is... CHANGE.  Whoever they are, they must be on point with that.

Do you sometimes feel that just when things settle and you can finally take a breath something else comes up?

Do you sometimes feel that you are not too sure of what will happen to your life in the next year or two?

Do you find yourself ask God, "Ok, so what's next?"

If you do - you're not the only one... I do too.  Things in life change all the time.  Circumstances are picked up in a whirlwind of life, leaving us with unanswered questions, broken dreams, unspoken expectations... and yet sometimes with an unexpected blessing.

I sit on my bed wishing for certainty.  Wishing for a blueprint of life, thrown from heaven, approved and signed and sealed by God Himself with step by step and year by year directions, illustrations and guidelines.  I am still wishing for it to happen... knowing full well that it won't.

But one thing is certain.
"For I am the Lord, I do not change" (Malachi 3:6)
And in this my soul finds rest.

I am grateful:
* for A/C
* for 2 days off with my husband
* for finally deciding on the possible names for our child
* that we don't have to make all decisions on our own
* for cheese quesadillas
* and cranberry juice
* for honest conversations
* and sincere resolutions
* for a cleaner home

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