Monday, May 16, 2011

Invisible Adoption

I grew up in a very good family.  My parents worked and took good care of me.  My grandparents were always there for me as well.  They wanted the very best for me.  They made sure I had the best education.  They made sure I had my needs taken care of.

There were few things however that they simply could not give me.  No matter how hard they tried to provide for all my needs, they simply could not give what they did not have.  They could not express to me the relentless love that God had for me.  They could not encourage me to develop the relationship with my Savior for they simply did not know how.

That is why God has placed people in my life without whom I would never succeed.  People who treated me like their own daughter, who were there for me through my struggles and insecurities, who encouraged me to follow them as they followed Christ until I could follow Christ on my own. 

Our church was hosting a Mother-Daughter Banquet yesterday in honor of Mother's Day last week.  As I was sitting yesterday at a table beautifully decorated with delicate pink flowers and crispy green apples, I realized on thing.  It has come full circle.  The girl sitting next to me was not birthed by me yet she's looking up to me to encourage her to follow Christ.

We all have people in our lives who need our example.  You don't have to look around long.  There's your child's classmate whose family is struggling and/or are non-believers.  There's an old lady in your church whose children are all grown and moved far away.  There's a teenager in the park you go to with a little baby in her arms.

Adoption does not always have to cost money.  Adoption does not always have to involve lawyer fees or time off work for travel, or even red tape.  Adoption does not have to be noticed nor your sacrifice praised by men.

May I dare you today to consider INVISIBLE ADOPTION?  Simply investing yourself, your life, your experience, your hospitality, your love for the Lord... in a person who so desperately needs you... but will never show it...

I really hope you would...


It is Multitude Monday over at A Holy Experience and I am still counting my endless gifts:

142. that even when I feel like I have nothing to give - there's more I can do through HIS strength
143. that there's always someone in my life to give to
144. that when it gets difficult - I can always fall back and rest assured HE'll catch me and give me rest
145. that my husband is a creative cook
146. that HE is JEHOVAH JIREH (God our Provider)
147. and that looking back I can testify that we've never lacked what we truly needed
148. and that with that baby growing inside of me HE releases my anxieties all over again by taking care of everything that I need

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