Monday, May 9, 2011

I Love You More...

The truth sinks within me.  My life will never be the same.  It's a good thing.

You will be changing my life and my habits in more ways than you'd ever know.

The first one is my coffee.  I like me some coffee.  I don't need to have it in the mornings so it has not been physically challenging to give it up.  But oh how I miss the social aspect of going out for coffee... or the warmth of a mug in my hands on a cold day... or the aroma of freshly ground beans... or how well coffee pairs with so many desserts...

but I want to make sure you know today that... I love you more ... I love you more than coffee ...

I am grateful today:
* for hearing a little heart beat of heart that's not my own inside of me
* because that means I know that you are ok
* for test results coming back and giving no reason to worry
* for a Happy Mother's Day balloon ;)
* for choices that I need to make now for they teach me where my priorities lie.


Deanna said...

Love seeing your posts pop up in Google Reader! Hoping to see you soon!
So completely happy for you and Bryan!

Rachele Butikofer said...

Hey, I haven't been on here for a while, so I just found out about the coming baby! Congratulations to the two of you!!! :o)
Bless you much!

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