Saturday, April 23, 2011

As Time Flies By...

It is amazing how much faster time goes each year that we've lived here in New York.  We are only a week  away from May and so much is going on here.

The new interns have arrived mid-March.  They will be joining us for 3 months and learn how to do Metro-style Sunday School.
Our new interns: Oksana (USA), Philipp (Germany), Megan (USA)

This Monday Bryan & I have returned from a week in Kiev, Ukraine where we were involved in a conference for children ministers. The conference was entitled "Time to Save Children" and I can't think of a more appropriate title.  It is truly time for us to stop looking at children ministry as an after-thought or a baby-sitting service.  So many things compete for our children's attention and hearts.  We must reach them for Christ.

Bryan & I with the Planet D team
(a group of people who have  been doing Sidewalk Sunday School in Kiev for 8 years now)

Also as many of you may already know - Bryan & I are expecting a child.  What joy fills my soul as I think of God's faithfulness to us!!

We will write more about our experiences in Sidewalk Sunday School this semester and about the great times we had in Ukraine for there's much to share so stay tuned :)

Our newsletter is still in the making - I know we're a bit late with it - but we wanted to wait till we got back from Ukraine so we could share about the trip as well... if you normally receive our emails - one should be coming to you some time next week.

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