Friday, March 4, 2011

Ukraine 2011

 I remember when I first decided to come to Metro Ministries in New York.  I was only 20 years old but I knew that God had something in mind for my life.  I left my country, my family, my friends, and moved half-way across the world to do what I believed was God’s will for my life.  As I learned how to do Sidewalk Sunday School and saw how effective these ministry principles were, I remember asking God to allow me to play part in bringing this concept to the Russian-speaking post-Soviet world.

Today (almost 9 years later) I see God answering my prayer.  Bryan & I  have an opportunity this April to go to Kiev, Ukraine for a week and help teach classes for children ministry leaders.   We will also be assisting pastor Bill Wilson at the big convention for Russian-speaking churches.  Pastors and ministry leaders from all over Ukraine and many towns in Russia, Belarus, Moldova and other countries attend.  My heart rejoices thinking we could be part of that.
Thousands of Christian leaders 
attended the convention last year
Approximate schedule:
April 11 – arrive in Kiev, Ukraine
April 12-13 – teach workshops for children ministry leaders
April 14-16 – convention hosted by Victory Church
April 17 –  church service (possibly leave Ukraine)
April 18 – return to New York, USA

At this moment we do not have sufficient finances to cover the cost of the trip.  We still need $2,350 more to buy plane tickets and take care of the basic expenses while we are there.

Would you prayerfully consider becoming part of what God does in post-Soviet countries by helping us out with your prayers and possibly a donation?

Planet D – Sidewalk Sunday School program in Kiev –
the future home of Metro Ukraine
If the Lord moves on your heart to help us out with either prayer or finances for this trip - please let us know by commenting on this post or emailing us (so we can send you updates about this trip).  If you can bless us financially for this trip you can do so by using the paypal link below or by sending us a check.

"that now at this time your abundance may supply their lack"
(2 Corinthians 8:14)

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