Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No Problem Mon!

My wonderful friend has a birthday coming up which resulted in an unforgettable trip.

I have never taken time to think of Jamaica as a vacation spot.  I do have a friend who is Jamaican and I do appreciate Jamaica Blue Mountain coffees... it's just that I never really considered going there.

My wonderful friend, however, did.  I am glad she did.

me with my beautiful friends Grace and Carola (both on staff with Metro Ministries)

She made all the arrangements... and a week ago I landed on a beautiful Caribbean island.  What struck me first was the happiness that radiated from everyone we met.  Everyone was joking and laughing (I don't think I stopped laughing the entire time I was there).  

 I loved Jamaica.  I almost wish I did not have to come back (I would much rather have Bryan come join me there).  The weather and the landscapes are breathtaking.  The people are very friendly. No matter what our questions were the only thing we heard in reply was, "No problem mon!"

being kissed by a dolphin


If you're interested in making Jamaica your next vacation destination or want to know more about great savings on travel to many other countries - feel free to drop an email to Grace at and she will let you know about the great deals available.

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