Monday, February 21, 2011

One Thousand Gifts - #103-117

My eyes are searching through a list of YouTube titles.  I wish I had an idea of who the original performer was.  I select a name that seems the oldest and most authentic...

As the first notes start playing, she is flooded with memories.  The memories we share - the ones I should not be able to remember and yet somehow I do...  the memory of my head resting on her shoulder as she sang me to sleep.  Who would've thought that a tango would become my favorite lullaby?

But there are other memories, I'm sure.  She stands up and starts dancing.  She is so beautiful.  She looks so happy - and all of a sudden so young.  I can't take my eyes off her.  I wonder if she's remembering how she danced with grandpa.  I wonder if I ever get to see her again.

How can I capture this moment?  How can I freeze it in eternity?  How can I stop it right here - her dancing, me watching her?

I can't help but wonder where she will spend eternity...

All this time away from Bryan, all this studying, all this exhaustion - it is all worth this moment right here.

my beautiful grandma
I am grateful...
- for the best grandparents one could ever wish for
- for living under the same roof with my grandparents till I was eleven
- for living in the same town with my grandparents till I was twenty
- for all the reading, and playing and caring that my grandparents did
- for my first English word
- for memories that we share
- that my grandparents always believed in me and thought highly of me
- that they always accepted me no matter what I had done
- for the simplicity of grandma's cooking
- that some things in their apartment never changed
- for YouTube where one can find almost any song these days
- that I have a video of my grandma dancing to "Утомленное солнце"
- that I watched my grandparents love each other deeply
- for learning that my family's been teachers for generations
- that their disapproval of my choices becomes a test of my obedience to God

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Katia said...

Lena, this is beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing.

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