Monday, December 20, 2010

One Thousand Gifts - #72-77

Patty with some kids at her Sidewalk Sunday School site

 Many of us have heroes, people we want to be like.  We read about their qualities in books, admire them.  Allow me to ask you today, have you ever wanted to be like someone you personally met?  Have you ever desperately desired to develop the qualities you see someone execute daily in front of your very own eyes?  I could never say that before.  Now I can.

I am grateful that God has given me an opportunity to work with this woman over the course of 2010.  That was probably the biggest unexpected blessing in my life.  I have watched her respond with grace always.  I have watched her have positive attitude always.  I have watched her show gratitude always.  I have watched her serve... selflessly... always.  I have seen Christ in her attitude and her actions.  I desire that people can say the same about me one day.

Her journey continues.  Next  month she will be packing her things and going back to her home country of Mexico.  Please pray for her.

I am grateful for:

72 - Patty and the time I had to spend with her
73 - finding the last jar of my mom's homemade raspberry jam to help me fight sickness
74 - having a bed
75 - friends who brought medicine, shared the burden of cleaning, covered my work load, and called to check up on me
76 - friends who prayed for me
77 - orange juice

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