Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Christmas Tree

Yesterday we bought our Christmas tree.  We do not have many ornaments or pretty decorations (and I am quite happy about it this year).  In our quest to make this Christmas stress-free and more about Christ we will only put 2 types of decorations on the tree this year.

1) Ornaments for the Jesse Tree.  Our Christmas tree is our Jesse Tree this year.  We are using a Ann Voskamp's Advent devotional to prepare us to celebrate our Savior's birthday (you can get a free downloadable devotion book with ornament print outs included here).
Christmas tree @ Sweeneys house in AZ

2) Our yearly meaningful ornaments.  Each year we get an ornament from Bryan's mom that represents that particular year in our lives.  The Christmas tree at their house may not be color coordinated and matched with the rest of the decor... but every little ornament tells a story, carries a special memory, reminds of the moments past.  I could stand by that tree for hours and just listen to the stories of what these ornaments represent.


Deanna said...

We buy the girls an ornament each year with the same idea. It's a great memory maker! Love your idea of a simple tree!

Jessa Irene (Holiday-Haven) said...

Love your meaningful tree! Sentiment far out weighs money spent. Love that. We buy have bought a meaningful ornament in years past, but never quite made it a tradition. Still these are so special to us. When we were broke (and beyond broke) for a few years we made ornaments by hand, saltdough, seashells, little boxes wrapped up like gifts, and we ended up with a fun handmade tree and now I treasure those ornaments more than most because I still remember my little kiddos (who aren't so little anymore) making the ornaments. Thanks so much for adding this wonderful post to my Christmas party!!

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