Monday, November 8, 2010

One Thousand Gifts - #31-44

Today I am grateful...

for finding boots that fit for the price you can afford
for "I think of you" gifts from far away friends
for peppermint hot chocolate that is less of a drink and more of a "hug"
for seasons in nature (they don't have those everywhere you know)
for crisp air
for the gift of joy and laughter
and for those who bring it into my life

for the best chocolate chip cookies in the world made with love in our own home
for moments of refreshing when I feel like I can't go on
for challenges at Women Living Well which inspire me to pay more attention to my family and home
for finding cheap candles (why are they such a luxury item, does anyone know?)
for getting my vacation dates approved by the leadership
for hope
for seconds of time and inches of space that make all the difference between life and death

holy experience


Deanna said...

love reading your 'gifts.' So glad for druzhba!

Deanna said...

PS. Share a picture of the boots when you have time.

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