Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Seeing the Light

The girl on the picture above is Blessie. She is 10 years old, lives in the Philippines and is involved in our Sunday School program over there.

Her mother tried to have her aborted and as a result she was born with several birth defects, including brain damage, problems moving her limbs and major problems with her vision.

Right now Blessie is going blind.  She is totally blind in her left eye and her right eye is going blind too.  She can get treatment for her eyes but the family does not have the money for the surgery.  Her family has been praying for people to help.

The cost of the surgery is $400.

We're trying to raise money to help Blessie get her surgery.  We believe that through the kindness of others she will be able see not only the natural world around her but also the supernatural, unconditional love of God.

Will you prayerfully consider helping Blessie to get her surgery.

If you would like to give - please call 718-453-3352 and ask to speak with Becky.

If you are not concerned about your donation being tax-deductible you can use the Paypal button on the right to send money to our Paypal account.  Please write me a quick email or a facebook message (or comment on this post) to let me know that you gave so I can keep you updated on Blessie's situation.

And please pray for the kids and the workers in the Philippines.

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