Monday, August 9, 2010

Let Him Kiss Me With The Kisses Of His Mouth

"Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth."
(Song of Solomon 1:2)
I hear keys in the door.

Down gets slammed the laptop... and I rush into the hallway... for a kiss ;)

Our schedules are crazy and often I am not home when Bryan comes back from work.  But I have resolved that whenever I am - I will run to him and kiss him at the door telling him how glad I am that he is finally home.

That little resolve has done a lot for our marriage.

Passion...  often semi-forgotten in the shuffle of life and familiarity of living with someone for some time now... restrained to a well-defined time of the day and area of the house...

This is often how marriages fall apart.  And you and I both know that a falling apart marriage does not always have to end in divorce - sometimes just co-existence.

Our husbands long to be longed for.  It boosts their self-esteem like no dinner or washed floor ever will.  When they see that we desire them, long for them - they can conquer the world.

So if you're married today - make your husband a priority - and kiss him like you mean it!!!


On a side note: we are starting day camp today.  Will you please lift it up in prayer as hundreds of children will come for a day of fun and an opportunity to accept Jesus.  The main focus of our chapel time is HOPE.  Often they find ourselves in seemingly hopeless situations - and we need them to know that when that happens they need to seek God instead of losing hope.


~BA~ said...

I will pray for the children at camp, and for you too!!

Wonderful post!!!!


Joyfull said...

Love it!! Thanks for sharing a wonderful tip to use each day in our marriage!

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

Well said! And GREAT job finishing the summer challenge strong! You did it - way to go!

Thank you for joining me and I pray that your marriage just continues to grow in strength and unity!!!
God blesss you!

Deanna said...

Good thing to learn before you have kids. I have been teaching the girls to be excited and greet daddy at the door. It is so great to see them happy when he gets home instead of off doing their own thing.

Deanna said...

one more thing.
I have this verse, "Kiss me with the kisses of your mouth" on a cd. It's an amazing cd of song of Solomon put to music. I can send you a copy if you don't already have it. You would like it.

Soaring Eagle said...

I also enjoyed this challenge a lot. Even though the challenge is finished, I still need to keep my dh on the top of my list (after God that is) and not go back to how things were.

I will pray for your day camp and the children that attend. I like the theme: HOPE. That was my chapel theme last year for homeschool co-op.

Rayleigh said...

I'm reading a book right now called, Kiss me like you mean it." It's about keeping romance alive in your marriage. I have barely started it but it's great so far! You might like the book as well!

Nate always texts me when he is on his way home. When I get his text, I run up and freshen up my makeup and spray something yummy smelling on me and do any last minute picking up around the house and when he comes home, I greet him at his car or at the door. He LOVES it! He feels so loved. Sometimes I feel busy and I don't want to drop everything I'm doing to go put on lipstick. But it's SO worth it because I get HUGE points in Nate's book for doing it. And it's such a small thing. So I'd be stupid not to do it.

Sheri said...

Great advice and good job on learning it so early!!!

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